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Learn how our insurance technology uses AI to detect and prevent Nuclear Verdicts®. Get claims risk predictions and claims litigation strategies from the experts.

Typically any verdict or jury settlement where the result for the plaintiff is $10 million or more is considered to be a Nuclear Verdict®. Also, if the verdict suppresses rational, reasonable facts in a case or the monetary result has a disproportionate non-economic award compared to the economic damages.

Absolutely! Many things have to go wrong for a Nuclear Verdict® to happen. But there are a handful of things that our research and data prove happen in every Nuclear Verdict®, without exception. This pattern has been incorporated into our patent-pending algorithm and is the subject of a follow up book to the best-selling “Nuclear Verdicts®: Defending Justice For All”, coming out in 2023.

Of course! And you do not have to write your representative in Congressman, or stop litigation funding, or curb attorney advertising, or end social inflation, to do it. It is rather simple. First, you have to be able to spot a potential Nuclear Verdict® in a live claim file. Then, you have to change behavior. Learn the pattern of Nuclear Verdicts® and then break the pattern. Schaefer City Technologies has software to help you do both, today!

The answer to the number one question we have received from thousands of insurance professionals since our groundbreaking book exposing Nuclear Verdicts® was published in 2020 is … a resounding Yes! There is a pattern to all Nuclear Verdicts®. Through advanced research techniques, collaboration with a leading national university, and the experience of real courtroom trial attorneys who have been fighting for justice for over 30 years, you too can now spot Nuclear Verdicts® before they happen.

As soon as you run our patent-pending software against your current open claims. And as you develop and acquire more information in your claim files, you can run our software again and again. You will be protected from Nuclear Verdicts® throughout the life of your claim file.

  • Our software is made by real trial lawyers, in America!
  • We are the thought leaders in this field.
  • We have 30 years plus of experience, or add it all up, over 100 years experience.
  • We have the experience of over 200 trial lawyers standing behind our product.
  • We have in the trenches experience. We are in the trials.

Yes! NaVEL™ uses proprietary data points and machine learning to alert claims professionals when there is even just a possibility of a Nuclear Verdict®. NaVEL™ is a valuable tool for claims departments to alert management of the need to more closely review particular files for potential high exposure outcomes and to triage them as necessary, immediately.

The Nuclear Verdict® prediction is created using machine learning algorithms which have been trained with over 10 million data points from recent personal injury and employment cases that have gone to trial or settled pre-trial.

There are many, but the number one benefit is the early warning detection capability of NaVEL™ to identify key attributes, if present, within a live claim file and provide claims professionals with an indication that without further or different action, a specific claim may become a Nuclear Verdict® if it went to trial.

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